Do you do custom commissions?
Yes! See here to learn more about my studio's commission and custom works process.

Have you ever worked for a lead agency leveraging your automotive-genre artwork and design services?
Yes! I've been privileged to be invited to creative collaborations with manufacturers and dealers under the direction of agency leadership. Please feel free to contact my studio if you think a similar engagement would be beneficial to your client's project or campaign.

Do you offer your services as a live painting element at a concourse events, car meets, and the like?
Yes! Those are fun to do and are a great amenity to add to an event like that.

Do you design bespoke posters and collateral art for motoring events and their marketing efforts?
Yes! Get in touch if this is something you'd like to explore with my studio.

Have you every considered going to go work for a manufacturer?
Constantly — It's a childhood dream.

Are you ever commissioned for a subject matter for things other than cars?
All the time! I'm finding, however, that while my interests vary wildly, my personal preference is to focus on automobiles and motoring culture, at least in the majority of my work.

Are you interested in being represented?
Yes! I'm open to individual gallery, art broker, and independent sales representation.
Get in touch to discuss further.

Do you sell your work through automotive dealers?
Yes! Licensed luxury marques and restoration/sales organizations are usually great fits for displaying and selling my work. Dealerships often will retain my services to offer my custom giclée prints as gifts to customers that purchase a special inventory item. If you're a dealer interested in my services as an added amentiy or remarketing effort, I'd love to connect with you.

Why do you involve people, figures, and other human activity in your automotive work?
I have nothing against a subject matter or artwork focus of cars singularly, but that's really only half of my interest when planning a piece. These machines really rely on human interaction in order to do the things they do best, so my preference is to involve some kind of context to my compositions— be it people, architecture, textures, written word, or textural embellishments that draw attention to their mortal relevance.

What's with the inclusion of written word in your work?
It's not featured in every piece I produce, but the act of scribing on the surface of my work is indicative of the legacy I'd like to leave behind beyond being an automotive artist.

There are bits of wisdom that I think cars and automotive culture teaches us, whether we are consciously aware of those lessons or not. We absorb themes of reverence, humility, hard work and labor, the importance of deliberate rest, empathy, forgiveness, and destiny through the relationships we have with these machines— and I've made a habit of celebrating these themes in my work to help pass along vitally important lessons, albeit inconspicuously.

Do you loathe being asked too many questions?
No! Questions are fun.
If you have one that's not listed here,
say hello.

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